My name is Sophie Lenoir and I’m passionate about photography. Ever since I was a child I am obsessed with everything visual and creative. My early-age portfolio includes impressive abstract drawings and paintings – according to my parents (important detail). Although I do enjoy different forms of creativity, I soon learned the painful truth (my drawing sucks) and I discovered my true vocation, which is photography.

After a series of photography courses, several gear upgrades and an innumerable amount of photoshoots, I understood this was no longer a hobby, but a way of life. Which I still enjoy to the fullest.

I’m originally from East-Flanders and I live in Brussels, a city that I enjoy so much that I’ve dedicated an entire website and Instagram page to it. It’s also an amazing playground when it comes to photography, but for shoots I’m happy to travel and meet you wherever you are.

By the way, I used to be a translator in a previous life and I’m fluent in Dutch, French, English and even Spanish. Communication won’t be a problem!

Do you still have any questions for me? Drop me a message through the contact form!

Lenoir Photography