Lockdown puzzle


One of Sophie Lenoir’s photos of empty Brussels is now available as a Ravensburger puzzle. The puzzle has 1.000 pieces, so it will definitely keep you busy for a while during this second lockdown. And while you’re making it, you will be able to admire all the details of the magnificent buildings on Grand Place! Have fun !

Price: 69 EUR

How can you order?

Send an email to info@lenoirphotography.be and transfer 69 EUR to the bank account BE09 0636 1673 7957 mentioning ‘lockdown puzzle’.

How about delivery?

  • You can pick it up for free in Laeken.
  • If you live in Brussels, chances are I will pass nearby in the context of my of lockdown portraits. In thas case, I’m willing to bring it over for free.
  • Otherwise I’ll send it over as a parcel and delivery costs will apply.
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