How does it work?

Send me a message with the following information

  • What’s the purpose of the photos? (Website, webshop, social media…)
  • On which background do you want your product?
  • How many photos do you need?
  • What are your preferences in terms of dimensions and orientation?

If you don’t know, feel free to contact me and I can help you solve these questions and give you my suggestions.


On background

In context

The formulas:

In the studio

On Location

  • Per photo: 18 EUR
  • Pack of 5 photos: 80 EUR
  • Pack of 10 photos: 150 EUR
  • Additional photos after ordering one of the above-mentioned packs: 13 EUR / photo
  • Pack of 5 photos: 100 EUR
  • Pack of 10 photos: 170 EUR
  • Additional photos after ordering one of the above-mentioned packs: 13 EUR / photo

What does it include?

  • All photos are edited, delivered in high resolution and transfered digitally via WeTransfer
  • No travel costs within Brussels
  • You’re free to use and print the photos as you like.
  • All photos will be delivered within one week.
  • If you need your photos to respect certain dimensions/orientations, tell me beforehand and I’ll take care of it.

What’s not included?

  • Outside of Brussels, a travel cost of 0,45 EUR / km applies
  • An extra fee of 5 EUR applies for making the photo transparent



What kind of products do you shoot?

Currently, my studio is optimally equipped for products which are not larger than 1 meter on the longest side. I can still shoot larger products, but then it would have to be at your location or outdoors.


What are my options for a background?

The most common background is white with natural shadows. I can also shoot on white with a drop shadow added in post production or on a white under lit surface (no shadows). If you’d like to place your product within a specific setting, we can also do the shoot on location. (See next question)


Can you shoot at our location?

Of course! If you are in Brussels, there is no extra fee for transportation. Outside of Brussels, an allowance of 0,45 EUR per kilometer applies.


Can I specify how my products are arranged?

Absolutely, I encourage this. By including a description, drawing, or even a quick photo with your phone, I will understand how you wish your items are to be arranged. Please include any details that you require. If instructions as to placement, angle or groupings are not provided prior to shooting or at time of delivery, I will rely on my own experience to arrange your items artistically.


Can I be present on the photoshoot?

It all depends on the type of shoot. Product photos on white background are shot in the order that I receive them, so while it’s definitely fine to drop off your products at the studio, they likely will not be photographed right away.

On the other hand, if you would like to be on set to provide direction to ensure the photos I take fit your vision, I can book you for a photo session specially dedicated to you,. The cost will be higher as I have to modify my normal studio workflow to accommodate you. Please contact me for pricing.

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