Sophie Lenoir, a Brussels-based photographer

A quick introduction

I’m so happy to see you here! I’m Sophie, a tireless traveler and photographer who fell under the charm of Brussels.

Why Brussels? Isn’t that a scary and dangerous city? 

On the contrary! From a photographic point of view, I love this city for its immense variety of shooting locations. From a personal point of view, I love the open-mindedness of people, the melting pot of cultures and languages… But this introduction isn’t meant to dive too much into that topic. Instead I would refer you to Everything Brussels, my  website and Instagram page that is totally devoted to best things to do in Brussels.

Why is this relevant for my photography services?

This passion for Brussels has led me to exploring the full potential of its shooting locations all over the city. I know many places of visual interest in Brussels but I’m also happy to meet you somewhere that is meaningful to you and your life in Brussels.

But what kind of shoots do you offer?

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio, but basically I love photographing people and their connection on different occasions & phases of their life: weddings & events, couples, maternity and newborns.

I can meet you anywhere, but for newborn and pregnancy shoots, you’re also welcome in my studio space in Laeken.


Lenoir Photography