Lockdown Portraits – Ixelles

Duration of the exhibition: From 11/2/2021 to 28/2/2021

Monday & Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 14:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 16:00 – 20:00
Friday: 16:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Where? Chapelle de Boondael

What? Since March 2020, the Brussels photographer Sophie Lenoir has been touring the city with her camera. She has been photographing the people of Brussels on their doorstep, which has become a kind of frontier for all of us. By reading the testimonies of the people photographed, we also see the impact of the lockdown on daily life through the different seasons. The series now includes nearly 500 portraits of lockdown. In this exhibition, 45 portraits of the inhabitants of Ixelles are highlighted, combined with some images of Ixelles that evoke the context in which the series was made: an abandoned city.

Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

Lockdown Portraits – VGC

Duration of the exhibition: From 8/12/2020 to 15/2/2021

Where? The exhibition is happening outdoors in the window of the VGC (Lombardstraat 61). Acces is free.

What? Discover a selection of lockdown portraits with matching lockdown testimonials.

Lockdown City – Saint-Josse-Ten-Nood

Vernissage: 10/12/2020 in Maison Communale de Saint-Josse-Ten-Nood.

Duration of the exhibition: From 7/12/2020 to 7/1/2021

Where? The exhibition is happening outdoors in front of the townhall of Saint-Josse-Ten-Nood. (Avenue de l’Astronomie 12). Acces is free.

What? Series of street scenes made in Saint-Josse-Ten-Node during the lockdown

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre & Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (finished)

Vernissage 2/10/2020 in Maison Communale de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. The Powerpoint used during the presentation is available here.

Duration of the exhibition: From 2/10 to 15/11

Where? The exhibition is happening outdoors in the shopping streets of both communes. Acces is free.

Check out this interactive map to see where the photos are exactly situated. By clicking on the number of the photo you have access to the testimony written by the people on the photo.

More information on the Facebook Event page or the event page of the commune.