Pick your wedding photographer carefully

Picking the right wedding photographer should be one of your priorities while planning your wedding. Of course you have a lot to compare and consider: the dress, the cake, the DJ, the invites… Sometimes it seems the list is endless, right?

Although these things are definitely important to stage the perfect wedding, they won’t last much longer than a day: the flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, the shoes go back in the box… Your wedding photos, on the other hand, will last forever. They will tell a beautiful story with all the little details of your special day.  Your wedding photos will show this story to friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren. It’s something to treasure forever. So take your time to pick the right photographer, observe his/her style and book him/her well beforehand.

Below are some examples of my work, so you know more or less what to expect if you hire me as your wedding photographer.



8-hour photo report
€ 950

Per extra hour: € 90


12-hour photo report
€ 1.200

Per extra hour: € 85


15-hour photo report
€ 1.450

Per extra hour: € 75


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