Where to make passport photos for babies?

If you plan to travel abroad with your baby, you will need a kids-ID or passport. And you will need a passport photo. But how to make a passport photo of a baby? You can’t just put them in the cabin for passport photos and expect them to keep their head straight, eyes open, mouth closed… and respect all those other rules for ID photos. But there are other ways to get a good passport photo. Read on to find out more.

1. DIY: Do it yourself

If you feel motivated, you can simply do it yourself. Put your baby on a white sheet and position him/her parallel to the window light. Try to have your baby look up and straight into the lens. After some trial and error (and a great deal of patience) you should be able to get at least one decent photo. 

2. Go to a print center that offers this service

There are several print centers in Brussels that can make your baby’s passport photo and print it in the right format. Here’s a list:


3. Let me do it as part of your newborn photo session

If on top of a simple ID photo, you would also like to have some beautiful photos of your baby, I can also do this for you during your newborn photo session. I know about the different rules for passport photos and will make sure you have a photo that will be accepted by the commune/embassy/etc… There is no extra cost for this service, it will just be one of the photos within your package.

If you need the photo urgently, I can usually edit this photo quickly so you can take it to a copy center or Kruidvat to have it printed. (In front of my studio there’s also a shop that can do this.)

(Note: If you only need a passport photo and nothing else, it’s probably best to reach out to the alternatives mentioned under no. 2, which will be much cheaper in the end 😉 )

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