The post-editing process

The work isn’t done after our photo sesson. Behind the scenes there is a lot going on. This article explains my post-editing process and describes what you can expect from in each step.

1. The preview gallery

Within one month after our photo session, I’ll send you the link to your preview gallery. This is a (large) overview of all the good photos we made during the photo session.

All the photos in your preview gallery have already been edited. RAW photos that come straight out of the camera are badly cropped and the colors are kinda dull.

After making a selection of all the good photos, I apply my personal editing style to all of them. The result of this work is what you get to see in your preview gallery.

Family photo - BEFORE Family photo - AFTER

2. Additional in-detail edits

Now it’s up to you to select your favorite photos, the number of which depends on the package you have chosen.

I will check these photos again and where needed I will apply extra edits to make them look ‘perfect’. This involves in-detail Photoshop edits like face-swapping, remove trash, passers-by or other unwanted elements from the background… It totally depends on the photo, sometimes there’s also nothing to change anymore.


When we select our favorites, should we specify which details we’d like to be modified?

Generally you can leave it up to me. My eye is automatically drawn by distracting elements in the background. If I’m supposed to face-swap two photos, I’ll know what to do when the ‘issue’ is obvious. (Eg. crying baby, closed eyes, weird expression…)

When it’s just a slight matter of preferences, possibly not obvious to me, feel free to explain. If it’s something ‘personal’ (maybe soften a wrinkle here and there?), please do specify this to me, because I won’t change personal features unless requested.

Pro tip 1: In the online gallery, you can write a comment next to each photo of your favorites’ list.

Pro tip 2: Every photo has a number mentioned underneath. Please use this number to communicate about specific photos.

What if I order all the photos? Will you do this for all of them? 

If you order all the photos, all the photos will be edited. But since the in-detail Photoshop edits take up a very large amount of time, it is impossible to do this kind of work for all the 50+ or 100+ photos in your gallery.

I want you to have a the best version possible of your favorite photos though, so make sure to share that list with me.

If you’d like me to do more in detail edits, feel free to discuss this with me and I’ll create a personalized quote for the additional work.

3. Download your photos

Once I’m ready with double-checking & editing the photos of your selection, you will receive a code that enables you to download those photos.

You will be able to download them both in high resolution (for printing) & in web size (for social media for example).

Would you like to share the photos on social media? Awesome! It would be great if you could also tag me (@lenoirphotography_bxl) or refer to my website.

4. Your complimentary album

Most of my packages include a complimentary accordeon or standard album. I will create this album based on your list of favorites.

This part of the process may require quite some time. After having created a series of albums, I place a new order every 1 or 2 months. I receive all the albums and review every single one of them. I double-check if everything looks good and no production errors were made.

Once all of that has happened, I prepare them to hand them over to you.

5. Additional albums or prints

Would you like to order another album or wall art? I can take care of that for you.

Feel free to have a look at my product page for a (non-exhaustive) overview of the options.

Lenoir Photography