Terms and Conditions

When booking a photo shoot, the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions.


Lenoir Photography intends to display everything on the website correctly and completely, no rights can be derived from the information posted on this website. Lenoir Photography cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of this site or the use of (visual) information provided on this site. Lenoir Photography cannot be held liable for material and / or immaterial damage during a photo session on location or in the studio. The photos on www.lenoirphotography.be may only be used by the owner, Sophie Lenoir. Visitors can view these photos, but are not allowed to use them in any way. By using the services of Lenoir Photography in any way, you automatically agree
with these conditions.


The copyright of the photos belongs at all times to the photographer of Lenoir Photography. Using the booking form, the customer decides whether or not the photographer has permission to use the photos made of the customer for promotional purposes on the internet and in print. The customer will not receive any compensation or refund for this. It is not allowed to modify images delivered by the photographer (for example by using filters) and publish these online. After receipt of the digital photo files, the customer has the right to reproduce these for his own use. You are not allowed to use files for commercial or non-profit companies. 6 months after the photo session, Lenoir Photography will remove the digital files from her archive.

Photo session

After making an appointment for a photo session, the photographer always sends a confirmation. The appointment is only final once the photographer has sent a confirmation. If the customer does not agree with the general terms and conditions, he will contact the photographer no later than one week before the photo shoot takes place. A Newborn Photo Session takes an average of 2 hours. After the photo session, Lenoir Photography makes small format images available with watermark in an online gallery. The photos will be placed in an online gallery within 4 weeks. Then the digital photo files can be selected. For a photo session on location, travel costs of € 0,35 per kilometer will be charged outside Brussels. If during a photo session you are unsatisfied with something or do not like something, you should tell the photographer immediately. That gives her the opportunity to make changes. Afterwards, complaints about this are considered unfounded. During the report it is not allowed to make recordings or to photograph with your own professional camera.

Photo files

Each photo shoot includes a certain number of high-resolution digital JPEG files without logo or watermark included in the price. Additional JPEG files can be ordered up to 3 months after the photo shoot for 10 euros per photo. It is not possible to receive the unedited and / or RAW files.


A 50% retainer must be made after completing the booking form to definitely secure your time slot.  Additional photo files or products can always be ordered after the photo shoot. These products are only delivered when payment is received. Unless stated otherwise, the prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel expenses.

Gift certificates and discount coupons

Discount coupons are not valid in combination with promotions / offers. Gift vouchers are only available at Lenoir Photography and are valid up to and including 1 year after issue date and cannot be exchanged for cash. Gift cards cannot be returned. A gift voucher is not transferable. Gift cards are valid for the photo shoot or products for which they were issued, as stated on the gift card.

Cancellation policy

In case of illness, it is possible to reschedule an appointment free of charge at least 24 hours prior to the photo shoot. In case of cancellation of a booked photo shoot by the customer, the photographer will charge 25% of the agreed total price. If a newborn shoot cannot take place because of a premature birth or complications, the photo shoot can be cancelled free of charge and the retainer will be transferred back. If Lenoir Photography cannot fulfill the appointment due to illness, it will be rescheduled free of charge. If, for example, the appointment cannot take place due to a technical malfunction of the equipment, Lenoir Photography will make another appointment with you free of charge and give you a 20% discount.


Lenoir Photography is not liable for any damage that has arisen for the other party – unless there is severe negligence or intent on the part of the Photographer or persons engaged by her. The liability is in any case limited to the amount of the invoice or, if and insofar as there is insured damage, to the amount actually paid out under the insurance. The photographer is not liable for color deviations or photo prints on products that are not supplied by Lenoir Photography. Lenoir Photography is not liable for the delivery of lower quality photos than usual when it’s to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the influence of the photographer. Think of children who do not cooperate, instructions that are not followed, weather conditions, and much more….

Privacy and personal data

You can find the Privacy Statement of Lenoir Photography HERE.

We reserve the right to amend the Terms and conditions at any time.

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