Prints, wall art & albums

You’re totally excited about your photos and you could look at them all day? Why not have them printed to decorate your house?

Compared to a small phone or computer screen your photos will look even better in a beautiful frame! And they’ll bring instant happinness as you’ll always be reminded of those beautiful moments with your loved ones.

But where to begin? I know there are so many options it’s overwhelming and not all of them are great quality. Over the years I’ve tried and compared many different supports & suppliers and I’ve listed some of my favorite products below. I also have samples in the studio where you can see and feel the products to help you decide. You’re always welcome to take a look!

Wall art

Framed print

From 165 EUR

Print on wood

From 45 EUR

Board-mounted print

From 25 EUR

Print on dibond

From 79 EUR

Acrylic print

From 180 EUR

Print on photo paper

From 11,50 EUR


A tri-fold centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality similar to a photo album. They tell the story in three profound, poignant portraits. Three photo cards printed on Fuji Silk paper using Noritsu HD technology.


From 45 EUR


Let me know which style you prefer and I will create an album that you will 100% love. First I’d ask you to select your favorite photos in your gallery and I’ll use those photos to create a first design. Once that’s ready, you’ll be able to view the design and give feedback/approve my proposition. It’s only when you’re totally satisfied about the design that I will place the order.

Accordion mini-booklet

From 25 EUR

Album with linnen cover

From 55 EUR

Leather album

From 230 EUR

Velvet album

From 300 EUR

Wooden album

From 420 EUR

Acryl album

From 250 EUR

Brown leather album

From 400 EUR

Acryl album


Prints can be picked up for free in Laeken or sent over by mail. In the second case delivery costs will apply that depend on the size & weight of the package.

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