Christmas minis

Christmas minis

Extra edition: Sunday, December 3


30 minutes

5 High Res photos

2 settings in the studio

165 EUR

It’s always possible
to buy extra photos afterwards
(15 EUR/photo)


  • Personal online gallery where you can select your favorite photos
  • Guide with clothing tips & inspiration
  • A covered setting, so no problem if it rains
  • Extra photos available on demand


  • To have original photos for your Christmas cards
  • To create some nice memories
    with your kids
  • A date with your partner
  • Just because it’s gonna be super fun!

Sounds great!
How do I sign up?

Just book your timeslot here

Limited availability

Moodboard for the 2023 edition

Two set-ups will be provided:

1) White background with candy cane decoration

2) Comfy corner in cozy bedroom


What if I’ve booked, but I cannot attend the photo session because of illness or other unforeseen circumstances?

Don’t worry. There’s a 15 EUR cancellation fee, but you can use the remaining 150 EUR to book another photo session in the future (until 31/07/2024)

Can I park nearby?

You should be able to find parking in the surrounding streets.

When will I receive the photos?

As soon as they’re ready, but maximum within 2 weeks after your photo session.

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