Baby photo subscription:

Document your baby’s first year with beautiful photos

The first year of a baby’s life is a period of immense growth and transformation, and every moment is a precious memory waiting to be captured.

With your smartphone you can (and should!) photograph document your baby’s growth and evolution, but wouldn’t it be nice to also have some high quality photos of the most important milestones? It is an investment you won’t regret, as the beauty, joy, and wonder of your baby’s first year will be treasured for generations.

The baby photo subscription includes 3 different photo sessions at different times throughout your baby’s first year of life.  They will provide you with lasting memories and create a visual story of your newly-expanded family, allowing you to relive the magic of this special time again and again.

3 different photo sessions

Newborn shoot

The first photo session takes place within 2 weeks after birth to capture the very first days of your tiny newborn baby. The subscription includes the ‘Beautiful Baby’ package with photos of your newborn baby in your preferred set-ups, along with a series of family photos.

Sitter session or cakesmash photo session

The baby subscription gives you the option to chose between a sitter session and a cakesmash photo session.

The sitter session takes place around 6-7 months of age when your baby starts to sit up by him- or herself (and doesn’t crawl away yet 🙂 ). There’s time for some family portraits too.

The cakesmash photo session is done about 1 month before your baby’s first birthday. During this session we will make portraits, action photos during the actual cakesmash and also some in a cute bath tub to wash off the cake while the baby has fun splashing in the water. This will give you some really nice photos for the party invitations.

Family photo shoot

The family shoot can be done at the time of your chosing: when your baby starts to interact with you around 3 months or later to mark his/her first birthday… In Autumn to enjoy the beautiful Fall colors or in Spring when the blossoms are blooming… You decide!

The family shoot takes place outdoors and captures the love, joy and togetherness of your newly-expanded family.


  • 3 different photo shoots: Newborn + Sitter session or Cakesmash session + Family shoot
  • All conditions can be found on the webpage of each type of session
  • The newborn and family shoot come with a photo album
  • Possibillty to order an album with photos of your baby’s first year of life, containing photos of the different photo sessions

800 EUR

(And save 75 EUR!)

Extra seasonal options

Your pumpkin in a pumkin

Autumn special! Want to have a photo of your baby in a pumpkin? At the end of October (and for a very limited time) I’m doing a series of mini sessions in this colorful Fall decor. (Works for babies betweeen 5 months and 2 years old.) Follow my socials to be informed when they’re coming up.

Christmas mini

Every year in November I organise a series of mini photo sessions in a Christmas set-up. The Christmas minis will offer you some nice family photos for your Christmas cards.

Easter minis

Let’s dress up your baby as a cute little bunny and make some Easter-themed photos. Follow my socials to be informed when these photo sessions are happening.

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