Accordion mini-booklet

A simple and fun photo product that anyone can keep, anywhere, or gift to others.

Design from 12-18 pages – 6-18 photos in Felix Schoeller 290g/m2 or the fine art Mohawk Eggshell 216g/m2, at 7×7 cm panels.

These pages are double-sided and can be designed individually or “combined” for the effect of a full spread. Hardcover fronts (7,5×7,5 cm) come in 6 velvet material options.

Your photos will be secured by a magnetic seal inside the hardcover, allowing it to be carried around effortlessly without worrying about the inside being damaged. To top it all off, you can secure the whole accordion book inside of a decorative package, available in 3 colours.

Dimensions  Price 
7,5 x 7,7 cm (12 pages) 25 EUR


Lenoir Photography