Getting married in Schaerbeek

If you’re getting married in Schaerbeek, the place to be is the town hall on Place Collignon. Hand in hand with your future man or wife, you’ll get to climb the beautiful ceremonial staircase, illuminated by stained glass windows. If you’re feeling nervous, this is the moment to take a deep breath, glance around and enjoy the moment. It’s about to happen, you’re going to marry that one person that means the world to you!

But first… let’s rewind. As we all know, a lot of preparation comes in prior to the big day. This article contains some practical information that should help you plan your wedding in Schaerbeek.

Make an appointment

Booking an appointment needs to be done by email on More information on the website of Schaerbeek.

Can anyone get married in the city hall of Schaerbeek?

One of both partners has to be registered in the municipality of Schaerbeek.

The price tag

The price for the wedding declaration depends on the day of the week. If you decide to get married on a Wednesday or a Friday, it is free of charge. If you choose to do it on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, it costs 250 EUR. The wedding booklet will set you back an extra 30 EUR.

Where to make your wedding photos

Built in a neo-Flemish Renaissance style, the town hall of Schaerbeek is a beautiful building with an impressive ceremonial staircase. The only challenge is that inside, the city hall is kinda dark with a yellowish light. Make sure your photographer knows how to deal with this.

For the group photos, the stairs in front of the city hall are very convenient to pose larger groups. If you want to make couple photos in a more natural setting, you may want to go to Park Josaphat which is some 10 minutes walking from the city hall. Beware that the park is quite large, so it’s best you know beforehand where you want to go exactly. Since I go their often for my couple and family shoots, I’d be happy to suggest my favorite spots. Being a photographer in Belgium taught me it’s important to have a rainproof plan, so if we need shelter (let’s hope not!), you’re in safe hands with me 🙂 Oh, and did you know there’s also a highly romantic and Instagrammable photo opp super close to the city hall?

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